April 18, 2016



April 18, 2016

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 5:30pm.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following council members: Robert Goodrich, Fern Bontrager, Robert Freeman and Tracy Owens, absent Jared Schneider.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by Freeman, Seconded by Owens and all aye votes.  The Consent Agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, appointment of 2 P&Z members, February Financials and the following claims:

4/11 PAYROLL    
Carrie Geno   $244.93
Sandra K Miller   $391.48
Allison R Watkins   $104.22
Carol A Wilkins   $921.71
Teresa K Lampe   $926.23
Beth A VanWinkle   $1,112.68
Betty Johnston   $115.54
Travis D Hartley   $998.72
Jesse J Meade   $1,082.13
Christine D Huston   $989.66
Kelly L Litwiller   $1,611.55
FED Taxes   $2,984.49
Action Services, Inc. South Park Porta Potty $77.50
ALA Member Services Library Membership Dues $175.00
Alliant Energy City Utilities $7,325.27
Aramark Uniform Services Skating Rink Mops $74.64
ASI Sign Systems City Clerk Name Plate $90.00
Baker & Taylor Books Library Books $515.06
Baker Paper Company, Inc. Tissue/Towels/Trash Liners $177.70
Blake Hershberger Enterprise Cut Cement-Water Main Break $250.00
Carol A Wilkins Library Reimbursement-Supplies $123.09
Carrie Geno Library Reimbursement-Supplies $126.94
Cherry Lake Publishing Library Books $32.22
Clayton Energy Corporation March Gas Purchase $19,561.72
Eastern Iowa Light & Power Co. Lift Station $98.97
Elder Services, Inc. Senior Center Supplies $171.65
Freeman Foods Skate Rink-Merch for resale/Batteries/Supplies $92.23
Gas Products Sales, Inc. Gas Supplies $483.87
Graber Heating & Air Cond. Library Air Conditioner $2,680.00
Hawkins, Inc. CIP Cleaning Chemicals $3,291.80
Hills Bank & Trust March Merchant Fees $400.34
HR Green Company 11th Street Sewer Project $2,322.00
Iowa Assoc Municipal Utilities Hartley/Meade Plastic Pipe Workshop $780.00
Iowa League of Cities VanWinkle Clerk School $540.00
Iowa One Call Jan-Mar One Calls $34.20
Iva Bontrager Parkside Cleaning Supplies $52.16
Kuesnster Plumbing, Htg & Air Maintenance Shed Inspection/Parkside Heating $1,024.18
PeopleService, Inc. May Water/Wastewater $13,968.00
Reggie Tire Mower/Backhoe/Loader/Dump Truck-Fuel & #48 Tire Repair $351.95
RTI Library Stock Supplies $34.95
Sam’s Club Membership Renewal/Easter Supplies/Skate Merch for Resale $1,059.85
Slabach Construction Vac Job-2 holes dug for barricades $412.50
Technology Services of Iowa Monthly Maintenance City Hall $140.00
UnityPoint Clinic VanWinkle Pre-employment drug test $37.00
UpStart Library Misc. Supplies $63.95
USDA April Payment $2,532.00
Washington Community YMCA March Fees $222.65
Washington County Auditor April- June Law/Communications $22,126.00
Washington County Hospital Thrapp/VanWinkle Drug Test $82.00
Washington Evening Journal Library Yearly Subscription $124.25
Weamer Electric LLC Day Care Hand Dryer $52.50
Yotty’s Inc. Chains/Snaps/Plugs/Adaptor-Gas $65.85
Total   $93,257.33

February Financial Report:

  Fund Revenues Expenses
001 General Fund $17,449.71 $21,343.90
003 Aid to Public Library $574.43 $432.09
004 Liability/Prop Ins $5,868.73 $0.00
006 Street Assessment $5,147.92 $0.00
007 Tax Credit Reimbursement $0.92 $638.01
050 Comm Dev Grant/Housing $0.00 $0.00
054 Comm Dev Grant/Sewer $0.00 $0.00
110 Road Use Tax $14,553.14 $6,478.80
112 Employee Benefit $1,857.19 $2,831.70
121 Local Option Sales Tax $12,172.72 $0.00
125 Tax Increment Financing $7,323.71 $2,532.00
127 Housing & Urban $1.93 $0.00
131 Library County $0.00 $0.00
132 Library Progam $0.00 $0.00
133 Library Local $0.00 $0.00
134 Library Stitler Trust $0.00 $0.00
135 Library Fines & Fees $117.39 $90.27
136 Library State $0.00 $0.00
137 Library Savings $109.25 $0.00
138 Library Capital $0.00 $0.00
151 Skate Rink $6,449.00 $4,513.12
152 Parkside $1,903.89 $4,298.09
153 Parkside Maintenance $0.32 $0.00
154 Parks Playground Project $0.02 $0.00
156 Riverboat Municipal Grant $7.11 $0.00
181 Sr Dining HAA $0.00 $6.00
182 SR Dining Waiver $0.00 $0.00
183 Sr Dining Donation $1,503.02 $493.44
184 Sr Dining Project CD $0.68 $0.00
200 Debt Svc 2012 A $3.37 $0.00
205 Debt Svc 2012 B $4,648.02 $0.00
210 Debt Svc 2011 Infra $0.00 $0.00
220 Debt Svc Parkside $0.00 $0.00
301 Cap Equip Reserve $0.00 $0.00
304 Cap Proj Parkside $0.00 $0.00
305 Cap Proj Parks & Trls $0.00 $5,798.77
308 2011 Infrastructure $0.00 $0.00
500 Perm Funds/Library $0.00 $0.00
600 Water $36,603.34 $19,722.82
601 Water Capital Projects $9.53 $0.00
602 Water Sinking $0.01 $0.00
603 Water CD/RO Filters $0.00 $0.00
604 Water RO Project $1.08 $0.00
610 Sewer $21,056.11 $14,750.51
611 Sewer Capital Projects $1.14 $895.06
612 Sewer Sinking $0.01 $0.00
640 Gas $54,977.93 $62,465.99
670 Landfill/Garbage $3,551.13 $2,968.00
700 Cable TV $0.84 $0.00
740 Storm Water $2,912.49 $0.00
TOTAL $198,806.08 $150,258.57

No one spoke in the public forum.

Randy Tinnes gave a Sherriff’s update with 27 calls for the month of March.  He reported that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Dennis White with PeopleServices gave council a brief update on the operations of the Water and Wastewater plants.  He explained that they are having some RO skids shutting down and that they would be working with Jetco on figuring this out.  He wanted to let Council know that the sludge has been hauled out.  They had an inspection with HR Green today and everything seemed to go well.  He spoke with the DNR and they approved that we are still using Well #2 until it’s due for reviewing.  He also introduced Josh Dean as the new full-time operator.  Dean told the council that he feels everything is running smoothly.  Dennis also said that they’ve offered a part-time position to one of their applicants and if he accepts he could start as early as next week.  This position would work 20-25 hours per week alongside Dean.

Resolution No. 16-22 A Resolution approving plat of survey for Richard Beachy Auditor Parcel W was introduced and caused to be read.  Litwiller explained to Council that it’s been okayed by P&Z and that the land will remain farm ground as of now.  Goodrich moved to adopt Resolution No. 16-22, Bontrager Seconded and upon roll call the vote was 4 unanimous ayes, Schneider absent.

Bontrager moved to accept the increase of cell phone reimbursement from $43.00 to $60.00, Seconded by Freeman all voted aye.

Discussion and action was taken on hiring the third public works employee.  Council discussed what exactly they were looking for in the third employee.  It was decided that the third employee will work alongside the other two Public Works Employees.  The starting rate will be $15/hour DOQ.  Litwiller will have the ad ready to run in next week’s paper and will run until position is filled.

Discussion was had on LL Pelling bid for Spring Chip & Seal.  Litwiller had gone around with Hartley and decided to eliminate the southwest end of town until the fall.  By eliminating this section of town for the spring they were able to stay on budget.

Discussion and action was taken on approving disbursement of Petition and Waiver for 11th Street Sewer Project.  Litwiller explained to Council that she had received the petition and has them drawn up and ready to mail out hopefully tomorrow.  Bontrager moved to approve the disbursement, Seconded by Goodrich and all voted aye.

Freeman moved to approve The Well entrance ramp, Seconded by Owens and all voted aye.

In council reports, Owens mentioned that he would like to see the City look into getting a street sweeper again.  He feels it would be beneficial for the city to have one again.  Freeman mentioned that after seeing the Senior Dining report that Litwiller did he was a little disappointed in the way things were going.  Litwiller explained that meal cost is estimated at $9.40 per meal and that we charge $4.00.  She feels that meal cost needs to be looked at along with many other items.  But bottom line she feels things are going good.  Litwiller wanted to let council know that she has plans to do the cement by the Hills drive up and also in front of Bender’s but questioned whether she could have Boyse’s come in and figure out the water issue with Schneider’s building before we lay the concrete.  Council said yes they feel it would be a good idea.  She also questioned whether any council members knew of any prairie grass ordinances.  She’s received a few complaints on bug issues with the prairie grass.  Council didn’t recall of any and recommended that it be looked into further.  Litwiller also wanted to let council know that she had sent a certified letter out to owners of the building on Main Street and hopes to hear back from the owners; otherwise she will be moving forward with this.

With no further business Goodrich moved for adjournment at 6:33 pm, Owens Seconded and all aye votes.  The next regular City Council meeting will be Monday, May 2, 2016, 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.

Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk are subject to Council Approval.

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