October 3, 2016



October 3, 2016

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 5:30pm.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following Council Members: Robert Goodrich, Jared Schneider, Robert Freeman and Tracy Owens, Fern Bontrager absent.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by Freeman, Seconded by Owens and 4 aye votes, Bontrager absent.  The consent agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, approval of June Financials, and the following claims:

9/26 Payroll    
Carrie Geno   $443.87
Sandra K Miller   $405.42
Allison R Watkins   $123.95
Carol A Wilkins   $947.43
Teresa K Lampe   $953.15
Fern J Bontrager   $194.45
Robert L Goodrich   $193.93
Robert E Freeman   $193.93
Ryan J Miller   $276.80
Tracy W Owens   $162.05
Jared M Schneider   $162.05
Beth A VanWinkle   $1,165.51
Betty Johnston   $108.98
Travis D Hartley   $1,048.50
Jesse J Meade   $1,078.65
Josh VanWinkle   $886.14
Christine D Huston   $937.99
Kelly L Litwiller   $1,630.92
FED Taxes   $3,449.46
STATE   $1,064.00
IPERS   $4,253.44
AFLAC   $254.22
BC/BS   $4,013.64
Beth VanWinkle-City Clerk September Petty Cash $26.89
Cox Sanitation September Lg. Stickers/Recycling $2,875.00
Jesse J Meade September Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Josh VanWinkle September Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Teresa K Lampe September Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Kelly L Litwiller September Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Travis D Hartley September Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Library Cash Fund September Library Postage $43.55
New Life Community Church September Parkside Cleaning $250.00
Treasurer State of Iowa September Sales Tax $3,372.00
Todd Troyer September Building Permits $175.00
Wellman Emporium Association Senior Dining Condo Fee $117.00
Aero Rental Skate Supplies $14.50
Alliant Energy City Utilities $11,830.68
American Public Gas Association FY17 APGA Membership $526.40
Aramark Uniform Services Skate Mops $74.64
Baker Paper Company Can Liners $89.00
Bancard Center Skate iTunes $1.29
Brown Supply Company Manhole Risers/Sealant/Gaskets/Flanges/Spigot $648.75
City of Wellman City Utilities $1,229.41
Community Country Store Work Boots $95.81
Costco Skate Merchandise for Resale/Membership $204.10
Dearborn National Employee Premiums $174.20
ECS, Inc. Loaner Microphone $50.00
Gambles Tools-Gas $35.49
Hilltop Sign & Graphics Public Works Shirts/Sweatshirts $176.01
HR Green Company WTP Filter to Waste/Ebersole Subdivision $375.00
Iowa Assoc Municipal Utilities September Energizers $166.12
Iowa Dep of Natural Resources FY17 Water Use Fee $66.00
Jetco, Inc. WTP Service Work $6,976.00
Limecreek Township Clerk October Donation $600.00
Lynch Dallas PC Attorney Fees $1,275.00
William D Nickell September Yard Waste $175.00
Paws & More Customer/City Donations $255.52
Reggie Tire Mower/Backhoe/Loader Fuel $271.90
Richard Williams Yard Work $545.55
Standard Pest Control October Pest Control $45.00
Technology Services of Iowa Monthly Maintenance $140.00
Terra Enterprises Bontrager Driveway/Catch Basin $6,526.00
Three Chicks Publication Council Minutes/Legal’s $294.81
Troyer Construction WWTP Platforms $970.00
Unitypoint Clinic 2016 Membership Dues $50.00
Utility Safety & Design September Retainer Fee $175.00
Washington Co Hospital Lampe/Litwiller Drug Test $170.00
Washington Evening Journal Sr Dining Subscription Renewal $127.25
Wellman Co-op Telephone City Phones $645.55
Wellman Vol Fire Dept Fire Department Donation $10,000.00
Total   $76,107.90


June Financial Report:

  Fund Revenues Expenses
001 General Fund $31,839.98 $27,196.93
003 Aid to Public Library $76.95 $799.00
004 Liability/Prop Ins $288.39 $7,920.00
006 Street Assessment $8,961.22 $0.00
007 Tax Credit Reimbursement $1.29 $121.93
050 Comm Dev Grant/Housing $0.00 $0.00
054 Comm Dev Grant/Sewer $0.00 $0.00
110 Road Use Tax $15,600.29 $4,621.89
112 Employee Benefit $236.18 $1,323.94
121 Local Option Sales Tax $12,016.41 $25,270.00
125 Tax Increment Financing $408.17 $145,647.00
127 Housing & Urban $2.14 $0.00
131 Library County $0.00 $0.00
132 Library Progam $50.00 $0.00
133 Library Local $0.00 $216.26
134 Library Stitler Trust $0.00 $500.00
135 Library Fines & Fees $62.20 $233.94
136 Library State $0.00 $0.00
137 Library Savings $66.33 $101.68
138 Library Capital $0.00 $0.00
151 Skate Rink $7,456.00 $3,019.40
152 Parkside $2,254.86 $2,677.14
153 Parkside Maintenance $0.58 $0.00
154 Parks Playground Project $0.02 $0.00
156 Riverboat Municipal Grant $22,712.56 $22,200.00
181 Sr Dining HAA $2,570.00 $6.00
182 SR Dining Waiver $0.00 $0.00
183 Sr Dining Donation $269.72 $90.00
184 Sr Dining Project CD $0.70 $0.00
200 Debt Svc 2012 A $1.25 $9,350.00
205 Debt Svc 2012 B $550.43 $108,307.50
210 Debt Svc 2011 Infra $10,000.00 $184,201.25
220 Debt Svc Parkside $0.00 $65,000.00
301 Cap Equip Reserve $30,500.00 $25,374.00
304 Cap Proj Parkside $0.00 $0.00
305 Cap Proj Parks & Trls $7,000.00 $0.00
308 2011 Infrastructure $0.00 $0.00
500 Perm Funds/Library $0.00 $0.00
600 Water $41,033.17 $83,971.85
601 Water Capital Projects $10.58 $0.00
602 Water Sinking $0.01 $90,877.50
603 Water CD/RO Filters $10,000.00 $0.00
604 Water RO Project $1.20 $0.00
610 Sewer $35,351.11 -$24,429.10
611 Sewer Capital Projects $1.09 $1,826.00
612 Sewer Sinking $0.01 $49,274.73
640 Gas $55,339.62 $70,051.47
670 Landfill/Garbage $4,009.55 $175.00
700 Cable TV $0.65 $0.00
740 Storm Water $3,084.31 $0.00
TOTAL   $301,756.97 $905,925.31

No one spoke in public forum.

Angie Boyse gave council a brief update on the Wellman YMCA.  She explained that things are going great and wanted to thank Litwiller on everything she does and for being so easy to work with. She also gave the city their 2016/2017 lease check.

Bontrager entered council meeting at 5:35pm.

Resolution No 16-49 A resolution authorizing the City of Wellman to commit funds to WEDG and apply for a grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance for Recreation & Trail Planning was introduced and caused to be read.  Schneider moved to approve Resolution No. 16-49, Freeman Seconded and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Resolution No 16-50 A resolution authorizing the City of Wellman to apply for a grant from Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance for south park renovations was introduced and caused to be read.  Litwiller explained the possibilities of applying for a shelter, new basketball hoops and some new updated playground equipment for the south park.  The city would be contributing $10,000 and would be requesting $24,713 for the project.  Owens moved to approve Resolution No. 16-50, Goodrich Seconded and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Bontrager moved to approve the FY16 Annual Financial Report, Seconded by Schneider and all voted aye.

Discussion and action was taken on committing city funds toward Rotary Project “Welcome to Wellman Sign”.  Miller explained the total cost of the project is $8800, Rotary will cover $4400 and they were awarded a grant for $2640.  Rotary would like to ask the city to contribute the remaining $1730. Bontrager questioned whether it was possible to add a Parkside Activity Center directional sign to this project.  Miller stated that he will look into options.  Bontrager moved to commit to funds with the plans to incorporate the Parkside sign into it, Schneider Seconded and all voted aye.

Litwiller discussed with council the 8th Ave Water & Sewer Main project.  She explained to council that when she met with Tim Cutsforth he asked that the city provide him with a few more items which will require the city spending more money.  Litwiller would like the council’s approval before moving forward.  She also questioned whether 3rd street should be completed while they have everything torn up.  Council questioned whether we should include all of Main street water and sewer lines, which have been constant problem areas in the past.  Litwiller will get estimates on some different options.

Owens left the council meeting at 5:54p.m.

In council reports, Goodrich mentioned that he has noticed that nothing has been done with the 5th street property in quite some time.  Litwiller explained that she’s contacted the property owner and she has plans to have the property cleaned up by this weekend.  He also questioned whether we will be having a work session on the PeopleService contract.  Litwiller explained that she’s been getting information together and will plan on a work session at a later date.  Freeman mentioned that he’s become aware of the dusty roads located by Buckwalter’s and questioned who would be responsible for taking care of it.  Litwiller mentioned that of the 1100 public awareness mailings that were sent out by Paradigm Co., there were only 4% returned.  She would like to remind citizens to return these when you receive them.  Litwiller also wanted to remind council that the Parkside renewal was coming up in December and would like to have a meeting with a couple council members present.  Schneider and Freeman volunteered to be available for the meeting.  Miller mentioned that with the Wellman Advance being sold that we would need to do a new resolution.  Bill Gatchel was present and explained that the name will now be The Kalona News, the office will still be in the same location, hours will remain the same and publishing will still be on Thursday.  The new owners are hoping to be in the area and will be making some stops to introduce themselves.

With no further business Freeman moved for adjournment at 6:24 pm, Seconded by Schneider and all voted aye.  The next regular City Council meeting will be held Monday, October 17, 2016 at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.

Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council Approval.

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