December 4, 2017



December 4, 2017

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 5:30 pm.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following Council Members: Robert Goodrich, Shannon McCain, Fern Bontrager, Robert Freeman, & Tracy Owens.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by Freeman, Seconded by Owens and all aye votes.  The consent agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, and the following claims:

12/4 Payroll    
Megan E Harris   $298.02
Ashten E VanWinkle   $119.97
Carol A Wilkins   $947.81
Troy M Wilkins   $307.43
Teresa K Lampe   $825.81
Beth A VanWinkle   $1,197.24
Betty J Johnston   $112.35
Timothy J Garrett   $1,469.38
Travis D Hartley   $1,023.41
Jesse J Meade   $1,344.92
Josh S VanWinkle   $1,021.62
Christine D Huston   $1,047.34
Kelly L Litwiller   $1,641.46
Cynthia S Thrapp   $810.59
Fed Taxes   $4,436.94
Banker’s Trust Dec 1 Debt Payments $21,967.50
Hills Bank & Trust Dec 1 Debt Payments $677.39
Wellman Federation Bank Dec 1 Debt Payments $1,785.59
Wells Fargo Bank Dec 1 Debt Payments $35,010.79
Beth VanWinkle-City Clerk November Petty Cash $81.11
Cox Sanitation & Recycling November Large Stickers/Recycling $2,834.75
Jesse J Meade November Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Josh S VanWinkle November Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Travis D Hartley November Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Teresa K Lampe November Cell/Skate Supplies Reimbursement $144.82
Kelly L Litwiller November Cell/Mileage Reimbursement $135.97
Ryan Miller November Mileage Reimbursement $21.40
Timothy J Garrett November Cell/Clothing Allowance Reimbursement $262.23
Library Cash Fund November Library Postage $42.30
William Nickell December Yard waste $175.00
Paws & More City Contribution/Customer Donations $374.75
Standard Pest Control City Pest Control $45.00
Treasurer State of Iowa November Sales Tax $3,318.00
Todd Troyer November Building Permits $105.00
Wellman Emporium Association December Condo Fee $117.00
Alliant Energy City Utilities $8,543.56
Baker Paper Company Towels/Liners $130.50
Bancard Center Skate Rink iTunes $0.69
Brown Supply Co Water/Sewer Supplies $1,517.60
City of Washington Partnership Trails Planning $2,000.00
Costco-Citi Card Harvest Party/Skate Merch for Resale/X-mas Light Bulbs $647.55
Cox Sanitation & Recycling WTP/WWTP Dumpster $50.00
Electric Pump WTP Lutz Pump $979.34
Gambles Shop Clothes $6.98
Hach Company WWTP Scale $1,877.20
Hawkins Inc WTP Equipment/Supplies/Pump $3,246.09
Hershberger Oil East/West Generator Fuel $637.50
HR Green City Engineer Services $1,650.00
Kalona Machine Shop Tank Rental-Gas $20.00
The News November Minutes $316.52
KCTC Server Fee/Carbonite $929.10
Kuenster Heating & Air Gas Reg Station Safety Pilots $887.96
Lynch Dallas PC Library Expansion Attorney Fees $300.00
Menards X-mas Lights Bulbs/Supplies $58.27
Reggie Tire City Equipment Fuel $316.00
Technology Services of Iowa Litwiller Computer/Microsoft Office/Monthly Maintenance $2,007.71
Teldyne Instruments, Inc WWTP Pump Tubing $232.00
Thrapp Electric Parkside Parking Lot Lights/Downtown Clock Bulbs $575.85
USABluebook Dewatering Pump $152.76
Utility Service Company Quarterly Water Tower $3,082.75
Wellman Auto Parts Parks/WTP/Gas/Shop Supplies $524.01
Wellman Co-op Telephone City Telephones $937.28
Wellman Post Office City Hall-1 Year $92.00
                                 TOTAL   $115,602.11

No one spoke in public forum.

Discussion and action on website options was had.  Litwiller explained that the two companies that we’re looking at would be Revize and GovOffice.  We’ve looked at some other cities websites that use these two companies and feel that Revize has better lay-out and the look of the website is better.  They also offer an around the clock support whereas GovOffice only offers support during their business hours.  Bontrager made a motion to go with Revize, McCain seconded and all voted aye.

Discusssion was had on storm and sewer main near Fick resident.  Litwiller asked council how they wanted to proceed with this situation.  She explained that this is a very similar situation to the Molzyck’s case and wondered if we should treat this one the same.  Council agreed that we should proceed the same way.

Council discussed how they want to continue handling nuisance properties including new properties and also the properties that continue to be on the list.  Litwiller wondered if we could look into asking some local churches or other groups if they’d be willing to help certain property owners who don’t have the funds or capabilities to clean up their properties.  She feels this would be a great project for groups that are looking for ways to help out.

With no further business to be discussed Bontrager moved for adjournment at 6:00pm, Goodrich seconded and all voted aye.  The next City Council Meeting will be Monday, December 18, 2017 at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.


Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council Approval.

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