February 20, 2017



February 20, 2017

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 5:30pm.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following Council Members: Robert Goodrich, Fern Bontrager Robert Freeman and Tracy Owens, Shannon McCain absent.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by Freeman, Seconded by Owens and all aye votes.  The consent agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, and the following claims:

2/13 Payroll    
Carrie Geno   $369.82
Sandra K Miller   $343.77
Allison R Watkins   $160.61
Carol A Wilkins   $947.81
Teresa K Lampe   $953.53
Beth A VanWinkle   $1,166.28
Betty Johnston   $124.43
Travis D Hartley   $1,049.27
Jesse J Meade   $1,141.70
Josh VanWinkle   $1,102.28
Christine D Huston   $1,018.11
Kelly L Litwiller   $1,688.57
FED Taxes   $3,522.47
Amazon Library Books & Supplies $53.80
Baker & Taylor Books Library Books & Movies $894.78
Baker Paper Company City Hall Supplies $101.00
Bancard Center Skating Rink Changing Table $148.27
Brown Supply Co. Water Meters/Supplies $2,513.00
Callahan Municipal Consultant Services CIP Consulting Services $4,944.00
Carol A Wilkins Library Supplies/Books Reimbursement $58.75
Carrie Geno Library Supplies Reimbursement $88.83
City Sewer Services Shop Pit Pumped $350.00
Clayton Energy Corp. January Gas Purchase $43,043.21
Continental Fire Sprinkler Co. Annual Fire System Inspection-Parkside $225.00
E Central IA Council Government Wastewater Administration $1,909.00
Eastern Iowa Light & Power Co. Lift Station $112.54
Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co. FY16 Exam Financial Records $1,747.13
Iowa Association Municipal Utilities 2017 IAMU Gas Member Dues $1,911.00
J&B Repair Dump Truck Stater/Alternator $672.11
Koch Brothers BW/Color Copies-City Hall $132.18
Office Express City Hall Supplies $32.08
PeopleService Inc. March Water/Wastewater $14,122.00
Reggie Tire City Equipment Fuel $264.45
Technology Services of Iowa Library Computer Monitor $139.99
Thrapp Electric Downtown/Parkside Lights/Sr Center Kitchen Lights $1,583.10
Utility Safety & Design Inc. Retainer Fee $175.00
TOTAL   $88,809.87

No one spoke in public forum.

Cody Smith was present for the Sheriff’s update.  He indicated that there were 27 calls & 3 arrests for the month of January with nothing out of the ordinary.

Ryan Schlabaugh from English River Watershed updated Council regarding an opportunity that they’ve been presented with.  Six graduate students from the U of I under the direction of English River Watershed staff will prepare 2 urban subwatershed assessments for the City of Wellman and the City of Riverside.  The assessment will include suitability maps for the urbanized areas of each city based on existing storm sewer systems, priority flash flooding areas, soil types, landforms and other empirical data.  The project will be completed by mid May and will cost the city nothing.

Andrew Marsh with HR Green updated council on the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.  He explained that the Construction at the Wastewater Plant is continuing and after the recent Construction meeting that everything is still on schedule.   He then explained that he’s received two proposals from two different companies regarding the Leak Assessment that will be discussed later on the agenda.  After reviewing the two proposals Litwiller and he would recommend that we go with M.E. Simpson out of Illinois.  He then explained to council that the City attorney would like to have another conference call regarding the contract with Utility Services.   He also wanted to discuss the Well #4 Siting Study Proposals that will also be discussed later on the agenda.  He explained that the water quality and volume capacity at Well #2 is great as of now, but with not knowing how long this could go on for, he feels that the process of locating a new well site needs to begin.

McCain entered the meeting at 5:59pm.

A public hearing to receive comments regarding the City of Wellman’s Capital Improvement Plan was opened by Goodrich; Seconded by Bontrager and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.  There were no oral or written comments.  Owens moved to close the public hearing, Freeman Seconded and all voted aye.

Resolution No. 17-09 A Resolution approving the Capital Improvement Plan was introduced and caused to be read.  McCain moved to approve Resolution No 17-09, Seconded by Freeman and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Second reading of Ordinance No. 241 for Chapter 170 Zoning Regulation Changes.  Motion was made by Freeman to approve the second reading and waive the third; Seconded by Owens and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Resolution No.  17-10 A Resolution to enter into a contract with the Washington County sheriff’s Office for Police Protection – Related Services for FY18 was introduced and caused to be read.  Bontrager moved to approve, Seconded by McCain and upon roll call the vote was unanimous.

Resolution No. 17-11 A Resolution setting public hearing regarding the City of Wellman FY18 Budget was introduced and caused to be read.  Public hearing will be at the March 6th Council Meeting.  Owens moved to approve, Seconded by McCain and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Discussion and action was taken on Leak Detection Assessment proposals.  Owens motioned to go with the recommendations from Marsh and Litwiller for M.E. Simpson’s proposal of $8,400, Freeman Seconded and all voted aye.

Discussion and action was taken on Well #4 Site Study Proposals.  Council agreed with Andrew Marsh’s discussion earlier that this process of finding a new site for Well #4 needs to begin.  Bontrager moved to approve, Goodrich Seconded and all voted aye.

Discussion and action was taken on Cummins Central Power LLC Planned Maintenance Agreement.  Litwiller explained that this is for all three generators that are located at the Wastewater Plant, Water Plant and at Well #3.  Freeman moved to approve, McCain Seconded and all voted aye.

Discussion and action was taken on Hach Service Partnership.  Litwiller explained that this is for maintenance and inspection for the three sets of probes located at the Water Plant.  Bontrager moved to approve, Freeman Seconded and all voted aye.

In council reports, Goodrich mentioned that the flooding on 3rd Street needs to be looked at.  He feels that if something could be done at the two private properties located there that this may help with the flooding issues.  Freeman noticed that the Public Works Employees were out replacing some of the Street Signs and wondered if they were going to replace any of the others.  Owens questioned the future of the band shell.  He received a phone call regarding the condition of it and wonders if it’s worth salvaging or being replaced with something more usable.  He also wanted to mention that we have a total of 20 business buildings downtown and that about 10 of them are sitting empty.  He wonders if the city could do something to maybe draw in some more business opportunities downtown.  Litwiller questioned Cody Smith on what the process needs to be for dogs running at large.  She’s received numerous complaints and would like to know what the proper process needs to be.  Smith explained that when they receive the calls they first get a verbal warning then a written warning and if called back they then get a citation.  Litwiller also wanted to remind council that the ALC will soon be in their new building and that will leave the current building vacant.  She’s had someone interested in renting this building out and wanted councils opinions on what they would like to see this building used for in the future.  Miller stated that he would like to see some input from the community for ideas on what to use the space for.

With no further business Bontrager moved to adjournment at 6:23pm, McCain seconded and all voted aye.  The next regular City Council Meeting will be held Monday, March 6, 2017 at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.

Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk are subject to Council Approval.

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