July 3, 2017



July 3, 2017, 2017

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 7:30am.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following Council Members: Robert Goodrich, Robert Freeman and Tracy Owens, Shannon McCain & Fern Bontrager absent.   Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by Freeman, Seconded by Owens and all aye votes.  The consent agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, Approval of Casey’s Liquor License and the following claims:

Advanced Environmental Testing Asbestos Inspection $2,500.00
Alliant Energy City Utilities $8,979.12
B&L Concrete Concrete Work $3,445.00
Baker Paper Company Tissue Paper/Liners-Parks $95.41
Bancard Center Skate Rink iTunes $5.16
Carpet Steamer Semler Water Damage Clean-Up $2,457.35
City of Wellman City Utilities $1,029.29
City Sewer Service Semler Sewer Lines $810.90
Cox Sanitation & Recycling WTP/WWTP Trash Pick up $50.00
Dano Group Yard Waste Bags $1,797.12
Dearborn National Employee Premiums $160.80
Frozen Beverages of Iowa Skate Rink Merch for Resale $50.00
Industrial Sales Gas Supplies $187.98
Iowa Association Municipal Utilities Energizers/SASSO/Pre-Audit/CP Shorts $4,570.26
Iowa City/County Management Membership Dues $120.00
Iowa League of Cities FY18 Membership Dues $975.00
J&B Repair Sweepster Seal Kit & Labor $333.06
KC Tree Removal Austree Removal $1,000.00
Lynch Dallas Attorney Fees $690.00
Menards Parks/Streets Supplies $161.54
Municipal Gas System Furnace Rebate $400.00
Nu-Trend Accessibility City Hall Elevator Inspection $580.00
SE IA Insurance Service 2017 July 4th Insurance $1,010.00
Thrapp Electric Electrial Work $315.00
Utility Safety & Design June Retainer Fee $175.00
Washington Community YMCA Recreation Services $5,000.00
Wellman Co-op Telephone City Telephones $785.51
Beth VanWinkle-City Clerk June Petty Cash $106.76
Cox Sanitation & Recycling June Recycling/Large Stickers $2,842.00
Jesse J Meade June Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Josh VanWinkle June Cell/Clothing Reimbursement $139.49
Teresa Lampe June Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Kelly Litwiller June Cell/Mileage Reimbursement $181.98
Ryan J Miller June Mileage Reimbursement $21.40
Travis Hartley June Cell/Clothing Reimbursement $114.14
Beth VanWinkle Utility Training Meals Reimbursement $24.65
Library Cash Fund Library June Postage $55.85
New Life Community Church June Parkside Cleaning $250.00
William D Nickell July Yardwaste $175.00
Paws & More July City/Customer Contributions $377.47
Iowa Dept. of Revenue & Finance 2nd Qtr. Gas Tax $124.00
Standard Pest Control City Pest Control $45.00
Treasurer State of Iowa June Sales Tax $3,360.00
Todd Troyer June Building Permits $105.00
Wellman Emporium Association July Senior Center Condo Fee $117.00
TOTAL   $45,843.24

Bontrager entered the meeting at 7:32 am.

No one spoke in the public forum.

Resolution No. 17-26 Resolution to set date for public hearing regarding the Status of Funds Activities for the Wastewater Improvement Project was introduced and caused to be read.  The Public Hearing is set for the July 17, 2017 Council Meeting.   Motion was made by Goodrich, Seconded by Bontrager and upon roll call the vote was 4 ayes, McCain absent.

With no further business to be discussed Freeman moved for adjournment at 7:34 am, Bontrager Seconded and all voted aye.  The next regular City Council meeting will be on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.

Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council Approval.

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