May 1, 2017



May 1, 2017

Wellman, Iowa

The Wellman City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building at 5:30pm.  Mayor Ryan Miller presided with City Administrator, City Clerk and the following Council Members: Robert Goodrich, Shannon McCain, Fern Bontrager, Robert Freeman and Tracy Owens.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance the Consent Agenda was approved upon motion by McCain, Seconded by Freeman and all aye votes.  The consent agenda includes the agenda, minutes from previous meeting, approval of appointment to P&Z-Mark Ebersole, and the following claims:

4/24 Payroll    
Carrie Geno   $350.98
Sandra K Miller   $384.87
Allison R Watkins   $94.57
Carol A Wilkins   $915.87
Teresa K Lampe   $953.53
Ryan J Miller   $276.80
Beth A VanWinkle   $1,069.35
Betty Johnston   $126.17
Travis D Hartley   $1,049.27
Jesse J Meade   $1,079.04
Josh VanWinkle   $901.54
Christine D Huston   $938.37
Kelly L Litwiller   $1,567.74
FED Taxes   $3,271.21
State Taxes   $1,041.00
IPERS   $4,119.57
BC/BS   $3,811.42
AFLAC   $408.09
Beth VanWinkle-City Clerk April Petty Cash $20.00
Cox Sanitation & Recycling April Recycling/Large Stickers $2,847.50
Jesse J Meade April Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Josh VanWinkle April Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Teresa K Lampe April Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Kelly L Litwiller April Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Travis D Hartley April Cell Reimbursement $60.00
Library Cash Fund Library Postage/Roll Stamps $72.29
Ryan J Miller April Mileage Reimbursement $21.40
Treasurer State of Iowa April Sales Tax $3,716.00
Wellman Emporium Association Sr Center Condo Fee $117.00
Action Services South Park Porta Potty $70.00
Alliant Energy City Utilities $824.23
Baker Paper Co. Park Tissue/Liners $97.08
BanCard Center Skate Rink iTunes $4.26
Brown Supply Co. Backflow Meter-Fire Station $3,680.00
City of Wellman City Utilities $1,447.63
Elder Services Inc. Sr Center French Toast Fundraiser Supplies $36.29
Gary Peiffer Sharpen Chains $16.00
Helmuth Repair, Inc. Power Washer Parts/Labor $465.18
HR Green Company Well #4 Site Study/WWTP Disinfection Project $9,382.95
Iowa Assoc. Municipal Utilities Leak Survey-Gas $1,476.06
J&M Displays, Inc. FY17 Fireworks $11,000.00
KC Tree Removal 9th Ave. Tree Trimming $592.50
KCTC Monthly Server Fee/E-mail Hosting $19.69
Koch Brothers BW/Color Copies $299.06
Kuenster Htg. & Air Parkside/Sunrise Preseason & Filters $1,521.99
Linder Electric Well #3 Electric Work $325.00
Lynch Dallas PC Attorney Fees $1,035.50
Mr. O’s Café Sr Center Easter Potluck Meal $182.32
Municipal Gas System Water Heater Rebate $75.00
Quality Window Cleaning Sr Center Window Cleaning $15.00
Reggie Tire City Equipment Fuel $429.20
Rotary Club of Wellman Dues/Meals-KL $139.00
Tech Steward March-April Web Updates $290.00
Tony Stutzman North Park Leaf Removal $198.75
Wash. Co. Environmental Health Sr Center Food License Renewal $67.50
Wash. Economic Development 2017-2019 Pledge $2,500.00
Wellman Co-op Telephone City Telephones $692.52
TOTAL   $66,336.29

No one spoke in public forum.

A public hearing to receive comments regarding City of Wellman Zoning Ordinance Change was opened by Bontrager; Seconded by McCain and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.  There were no oral or written comments.  Goodrich moved to close public hearing, Owens seconded and all voted aye.  First reading of Ordinance No. 242 Zoning Regulation Changes is as follows:




SECTION 1.  The zoning for the following described real estate located in the City of Wellman, Iowa, which heretofore was designated as C-1B, Peripheral Business District Commercial, shall, upon effective date of this Ordinance, and thereafter, be R-1,Low Density Single Family Residential:

Lot Number Two (2) Three (3) Six (6) and Seven (7), in Block Number Four (4), the West half of the vacated alley in Block (4); and the adjacent South half of vacated North Street adjoining Lot Two (2), in Block Four (4); all in the Original Plat of the Town of Dayton; now the City of Wellman; in Washington County, Iowa.

 Said amendment is made at the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The City Clerk, or other appropriate official, is hereby directed to make said change on the Official Zoning Map pursuant to Section 5.06 (B)(1) of the City of Wellman Zoning Ordinance.

SECTION 2.  REPEALER.  All Ordinances and parts of Ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed.

SECTION 3.  SEVERABILITY.  If any section, provision or part of this Ordinance shall be adjudged invalid or unconstitutional, such adjudication shall not affect the validity of the Ordinance as a whole or any section, provision or part thereof not adjudged invalid or unconstitutional.

SECTION 4.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Ordinance shall be in effect after its final passage, approval and publication as required by law.

Bontrager moved to approve first reading of Ordinance No. 242, Seconded by McCain and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Resolution No. 17-21 A Resolution to set public hearing for FY17 Budget Amendment was introduced and caused to be read.  Public hearing will be at the May 15th Council Meeting.  McCain moved to approve, Seconded by Goodrich and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes.

Discussion on Parkside Preschool unit was had.  Miller explained that due to the changes taking place at M-P Schools they will no longer be leasing the Preschool space at Parkside.  The school was leasing this space for $5,000/year and the city will now need to decide what to do with this space.  Sunrise Daycare has contacted the city and would like to utilize this space and as stated in their contract with the city they have the “right of first refusal”.  Litwiller will contact Sunrise Daycare for further discussion.

Goodrich moved to approve 4th of July fireworks permit for Wellman Volunteer Fire Department, McCain seconded and all voted aye.

Discussion regarding Nuisance Process was had.  Litwiller explained that she has taken a map with all the streets and divided them amongst the Council Members.  She’s asking that they drive the streets assigned, take pictures and post each property with a door hanger reminding residents to take advantage of the clean up days.   Then the week following clean up days they will need to drive the streets, and take pictures of the properties that were tagged whom are still in violation.  She will then send out a friendly reminder letter with a deadline date.  After this deadline date, she will follow up with the properties who received letters and start with the abatement process.

Discussion was had regarding Starbeck/Miller purchase and grant options.   Litwiller explained to Council that she needed their feedback on how to proceed.  It’s been brought to her attention that if the city has title of this building that they would not qualify for some of the grant options including the asbestos Inspection and removal.  Council agrees with Litwiller to wait on getting title until this is all completed.

Upon motion by Bontrager, Seconded by Goodrich and upon roll call the vote was unanimous ayes, council entered into closed session at 6:06 pm per Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(i) to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual request a closed session.

Upon motion by Owens, Seconded by Goodrich and all aye votes, council entered into open session at 6:46 pm.

Goodrich made a motion to table discussion and action on employment status, Seconded by Owens and all voted aye.

With no further business to be discussed Goodrich moved for adjournment at 6:58 pm, Bontrager seconded and all voted aye.  The next regular City Council Meeting will be Monday, May 15, 2017 at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers of the Wellman Municipal Building.

Minutes transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council Approval.

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